7 Fall Tattoo Ideas to Consider Before Your Next Appointment

There are a number of reasons that make fall the perfect time to get a tattoo. For one, the entire season gives off an energy that makes you want to reinvent yourself, whether it's getting a new haircut, taking up a new hobby, or overhauling your beauty routine. Second — and most importantly — it's the optimal time for tattoo healing since getting one in summer runs the risk of exposing your sensitive, newly inked skin to the sun and water.

As studios start to book up their appointment slots for October on, this gives you just the right amount of time to gather inspiration, and the upcoming season is bringing quite a few fresh design ideas for you to consider, whether big or small. The top tattoo trends for 2023, as well as this fall's predictions, can be a great jumping-off point for your own artwork ideas, but don't let them stifle your creativity.

"People should decorate their bodies exactly how they want to," Anna Williams, a tattoo artist at Rodeo Tattoo, tells POPSUGAR. "A rib tattoo of your mother's handwriting? Go for it. A skull tat of a crying eagle? Pop off. Tattoos come in trends and waves, and we are having, unsurprisingly, a Y2K resurgence."

Ahead, we've gathered some of the top tattoo trends you can expect to see this fall, according to tattooists. Keep reading to get the scoop.

Western Tattoos

Horse girls, it's your time to shine. "The Western designs are popping off; every artist is doing their own version right now," Wesley Austin, tattoo artist at Night School Tattoo, tells POPSUGAR. "You can completely customize the design to be intricate and detailed or a simple outline. I've been getting a lot of requests for detailed cowboys and horses, as well as tiny cowboy boots and hats."

This realistic horse tattoo is a great example of a spin on the Western tattoo trend that isn't entirely on the nose, since there isn't a cowboy in sight.

If you want to jump on the Western tattoo trend but you aren't looking for something too big, a tiny outline of a cowboy boot makes the perfect fall tattoo.

Or if you want to jump on board the Western tattoo trend in full, we love both the placement and the amazing detail on this cowboy tattoo. The black-and-white design reminds us of our favorite Western movies.

Lower-Back Tattoos

Lower-back tattoos — formerly (and erroneously) dubbed "tramp stamps" — are making a comeback. "The lower-back tattoo of blackwork and spidery lines is a fall staple," Williams says. If you need further proof that this tattoo trend is back, just look at Hailey Bieber's rhinestone butterfly tattoo.

There are plenty of different design options for lower-back tattoos. This one features a Y2K-style heart and flames.

If you're looking for a lower-back tattoo with a bit more detail, this realistic butterfly serves as amazing inspiration for your next ink appointment.

Realistic Tiny Tattoos

Tiny tattoos aren't going anywhere, but this fall, there's a very specific kind making the rounds. "Really small, realistic stuff is everywhere right now," Austin says. "Everybody wants a realistic cool tattoo, but they want it to be as small as possible, which is very technical, but when done correctly looks great."

This skull tattoo takes on two trends at once: realistic and small as well as the Western trend. The detail in this piece, which is barely bigger than a beer cap, is unreal.

This example also weaves together two trends in one, realistic and floral. If you are into the floral trend but want to get something tiny, a classic rose looks great placed on the back of the arm.

Did a dragonfly land on your arm, or is that a tattoo? Some of these pieces are so realistic, we honestly can't tell.

Cherub Tattoos

Cherub tattoos are a huge fall tattoo trend. "We've seen it before, and we'll see it again," Williams says. You can get this tattoo trend in a variety of styles, from American traditional to fine line — a spectrum I fully support."

This tattoo features two cherubs and star detailing.

If you're looking to get a larger cherub tattoo, the back of the arm is a great location.

Foliage Tattoos

If floral tattoos aren't your thing, foliage tattoos offer a similar look with a variety of interpretations — and are perfect for fall. "Lush organic greens and herbs are great ways to fill spaces while flowing with the body," tattoo artist Jaz Paulino from High Hopes Tattoo says.

You can go big and bold with your foliage tattoo design or simple and detailed, like this ink on the back of the arm.

If you've got a green thumb, tattoo your favorite plant anywhere on your body. This leaf looks especially pretty on the upper arm.

Although we love color tattoos, there's something about this heavily shaded foliage piece that speaks to us.

Floral Tattoos

Floral tattoos will always be a staple, but you can put your own twist on the trend by adding personal touches to the design. "Florals can hold a ton of meaning within them," says Ada Luna, a tattoo artist at Luna Moth Tattoo. "They could represent the place where you were born, a special time in your life, your child's name, a gift, or maybe just plain beauty. Whatever the reason, florals will always stay on trend."

If you aren't a huge fan of color tattoos, there are plenty of black-and-white floral designs that look great. We especially love the forearm placement of this one.

If you're looking to get a matching tattoo with a loved one, we love the idea of your favorite floral design or a flower that represents something to the both of you.

Spice up your floral tattoo with a meaningful word or phrase, like this one, which says "mom."

Geometric Tattoos

"There is a high interest right now in geometric, fine-lines tattoos that are full of tiny details," Luna says. "These types of designs are a good way to combine a couple [of] meanings into one tattoo." For example, you can incorporate elements of nature, like florals, animals, or stars, into a geometric shape, or you can go the classic route and keep your design strictly full of shapes and line work.

The great thing about geometric tattoos is they can be completely customized. This example on the back is larger and intricate.

Some geometric tattoo designs can look like jewelry depending on placement, like this mandala piece on the wrist.

You can mix geometric shapes with realistic portraits, as evidenced by this abstract tattoo of a lion.